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The perfect means of transportation when it comes to getting a wide variety of freight to its destination efficiently, flexibly and cost-effectively:


The truck

Truck transportation is not only a good economic choice for our customers. This type of transportation is also highly recommended in terms of speed and flexibility. For example, you have a great deal of freedom, both in terms of the requirements of the goods to be transported and the ability to react optimally to regional or climatic events. But also from an ecological point of view – just think of the CO2 emissions of air freight – it reduces environmental pollution to a minimum.

The truck offers the perfect compromise for almost any transport – available at short notice and therefore flexible to plan, widely used and cost-effective to implement, incredibly versatile and also the fastest option for most intracontinental routes. In addition, increasing electrification is expected to significantly improve the environmental balance in the coming years.


Experience and know-how

In 2007, a new era in transport logistics was ushered in with truck freight to Saudi Arabia, in which the leading minds at Yarres International Logistics played a key role. While the rest of the world was still looking at the region and possible uncertainty factors, direct transports and partial consignments were already being organized and handled with our significant involvement. However, deliveries to the CIS states and to the most remote locations in the Middle East were also popular challenges for us at the time, which we mastered brilliantly with a constantly growing network of reliable partners. With this know-how, we have succeeded in building up unique expertise that benefits our customers today. Across Europe and around the world.

Yarres International Logistics has been offering its customers decisive added value for years, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of reliability and service. On request, we are of course happy to take care of storage, the preparation of customs documents and customs clearance, and additional transport insurance and other formalities are also possible. Taken together, these services form a comprehensive service package for your truck transportation. Take advantage of our many years of experience and invaluable expertise to get your goods to their destination safely and cost-effectively.


We offer you the right means of transport for every transportation requirement




We transport the freight taking into account economic as well as environmental and political factors…



Preparation and Coordination
Storage, reloading, consolidation, commissioning
Fast and reliable transportation
Shipping Insurance
Customs clearance & formalities

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