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Yarres International Logistics GmbH is an internationally active forwarding logistics company from Munich. Since its foundation, well-known companies have relied on the company’s comprehensive services and convincing service. Numerous customers can hardly imagine a more reliable partner, especially for transportation to and from the Middle East.

Since the founding years, the portfolio on offer has grown steadily, so that almost every conceivable order can now be covered. Particularly noteworthy is the range of express transports and the possibilities by air and sea. Transport across the EU’s external borders, whether export or import, including the necessary customs formalities, is now also part of the daily business.


Yarres Lojistik

The two founders of Yarres International Logistics GmbH, Emre Yetistirici and Serkan Karaca, have already implemented numerous complex international projects for well-known companies in the oil, gas, pharmaceutical and construction industries thanks to more than 25 years of industry experience. After a solid education, their first spurs were earned in renowned logistics and forwarding companies, with a focus on the truck business in the Middle East. Over the years, numerous projects – including machine transports, special transports, heavy transports and special transports – were added across all transport routes, all over the world. This was followed by specialization in niche countries, the Middle East and special transports.

The passion with which the two trilingual (German, English, Turkish) entrepreneurs dedicated themselves to their profession quickly made them valuable partners for their customers. The logical consequence of the steadily increasing demand was their independence in 2017. The maxim of Yarres Logistics remains the realization: successful freight forwarding logistics means above all: security for the customer.



The founders of Yarres International Logistics GmbH: Emre Yetistirici (left) and Serkan Karaca