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Logistics solutions for a small planet

Compliance of laws and legal guidelines is the base of our actions. Our value concepts, like diligence, reliability and confidence, as well as our demands on the security factor, couldn’t be realized at the smallest discrepancy. So this subject plays not only an important role at Yarres Logistics, but the most important. All of our actions are being considered in the compliance-aspect. This applies for the execution of the projects, like for the selection of our employees and partners, on whom we set high demands. To meet this demands there are 2 relevant factors: We are always up to date with the very latest legislation and we urge the same from our suppliers.

Only who is able to meet our strict conditions – starting at the data security to our anti-corruption statement- is a suitable partner for us. A deviation from the conditions results in prompt penalties. So you as a customer can have always be assure that your goods will be delivered not only in schedule and without any damage, but also in accordance to the laws and the international legal guidelines.