Logistics is an art, the art to find the fastest and safest route to transport goods from A to B, under the consideration of economical, ecological and political aspects. To ensure this, Yarres Logistics offers its customers all traffic routes for the transportation of the goods from one source.

Hereby we are not only organizing the transports in the common regions, Yarres Logistics is specialized on transports in the remote regions of the Near- and Middle East, Central Asia and the CIS countries. The delivery to destinations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco etc. is our daily bread.

The realization of difficult special transports and heavy loads in the construction and energy sector are further services which distinguishes us from the other competitors. During the years we have made ourselves a name, especially in the field of petrol and gas projects, with their maximum requirements on the quality standards. Resultant we could build up numerous positive relationships to our contract partners, who grant us versatile special conditions like purchase discounts and extra services. These are special conditions, which we gladly pass to our customers.

Of course it is not sufficient to transport the goods from A to B under compliance the quality standards to become a successful logistic company. There are series other factors to pay attention to. The storage, customs duties and insurance are essentials elements for a seamless handling too, which we gladly take over for you. Yarres Logistics looks back to an experience of 20 years in the handling of various projects under consideration of the logistical complete solutions. If container or piece goods, if standard or special transport, we provide with our extensive partner-network an uncomplicated and safe transportation of your goods on schedule worldwide.

Another argument for a successful partnership is beside, that we can act flexible and agile like a speedboat towards a tanker, that we are available every time (day and night).

  • Standard transports, machine transports, heavy loads, special transports, oversize transports, transport of dangerous goods (ADR), piece goods transports, temperature-controlled transports,
  • All kind of transports, to niche countries too
  • Flexible and fast implementation
  • Good price-performance ratio, because of an extensive network of reliable subcontractors
  • Carefree-Package: Overtaking of the entire organisational processes and controlling
  • 24h/day, 7days/week professional and personal consulting
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